A ConfigStore is a storage system for Configs in Configu, serving as a mechanism for storing, retrieving, and managing configuration data. It can be any system or service capable of storing data, including text files, databases, secret managers, and the Configu ConfigStore. ConfigStores play a crucial role in the configuration management process, enabling the seamless retrieval and management of configuration values at deployments or runtime.

You can choose the most suitable ConfigStore based on your specific needs and workflow. Each ConfigStore has its own type and can be referenced as instances of their respective class implementation when using Configu's SDK. When using Configu's CLI, ConfigStores are referenced using their type, which can also be declared as friendly names in the .configu file.

Configu's interfaces support a wide range of ConfigStores. In case you don't find a ConfigStore that meets your requirements, Configu allows you to easily create your own by implementing a simple abstract class with get and set methods. This flexibility empowers you to extend Configu and tailor it to your specific configuration management needs.

Available Stores


You can choose the appropriate ConfigStore based on your specific use case, and refer to the corresponding documentation and configuration links for further details on usage and implementation.

Configu configu

In Memory memory

Json File file

Ini File file

Launch Darkly feature flag

HashiCorp Vault secret manager

AWS Secrets Manager secret manager

Azure Key Vault secret manager

GCP Secret Manager secret manager

Kubernetes Secret secret manager

AWS Parameter Store key value

Keyv key value

SQLite database

MySQL database

MariaDB database

PostgreSQL database

CockroachDB database

Microsoft SQL Server database

LocalForage browser


If you have a specific requirement that is not met by the available ConfigStores, please don't hesitate to reach out to us or consider contributing your own implementation to enhance the Configu ecosystem.